Support carrier "STANISLAV-MPO2-02" with a low clearance under power lines (up to 4 meters with a support length of up to 12 meters!)

The equipment of the STANISLAV-MPO2-02 carrier is multifunctional:

  • the function of setting the support together with the base at a height ranging from -260 mm to + 660 mm. from the horizon, and also allows you to install the support vertically when the tractor itself is on the rise or fall.
  • the function of grabbing the support from the ground, including above or below the horizon.
  • the function of placing the support in the base and transporting the support and the base, both assembled and separately.
  • provides for work with a footrest installed at different heights and at different inclination of the tractor itself (the design of the STANISLAV-MPO2-02 support carrier based on the STANISLAV-704-4P tractor was developed taking into account the requirements and wishes of representatives of various GOKs). The MPO2 equipment allows you to separately grip the support and install it in the footrest, regardless of whether the shape is trapezoid or parallelepiped.
  • in the design of the basic STANISLAV-704-4P tractor, the lateral misalignment is carried out due to the balance beam of the sub-motor bridge. In this case, the entire weight of the tractor, with the exception of the weight of the under-motor (front) axle and front wheels, prevents the support from tipping over. With this design, the rollover resistance is several times higher.
  • as an optional extra, bulldozer equipment with hydraulic change in the position of the blade in planes is installed on the under-engine semi-frame of the support carrier, including the Landmaster multifunctional bulldozer equipment with variable geometry.
  • has increased visibility due to the size of the hood, which allows you to use bulldozer equipment more efficiently as a full-fledged bulldozer.

The plant guarantees prompt delivery of the required amount of tractor machinery and equipment. All tractors are covered by an official warranty.




Travel speed max, km / h


Operating weight, no more, kg


Dimensions of the tractor with equipment, length x width x height, no more, mm

9,500 x 3,200 x 3,500


2-seater cab, with a protective structure (safety cage) that protects the operator when the machine rolls over (ROPS) and from falling objects (FOPS), heater, increased visibility, car radio, air conditioning, autonomous interior heater Webasto.


Articulated without a horizontal hinge tube with the installation of ball bearings in the lugs of the connection to the semi-frames, ensuring the tractor rotation by folding the semi-frames about the vertical axis. Lateral misalignment is ensured by installing a balanced sub-motor bridge. The sub-engine and cargo semi-frames are reinforced-strength welded sheet structures.





Motor rated power,

kW (hp)

176 (240)

PZD-30 engine preheater


Electric pre-heater for engine (220V)


Reverse horn


Engine cooling radiator

6 row 238


Semi-automatic, fast reversing, dual mode with a torque converter installed.
Total number of gears: forward - 4, backward - 4.
Shifting gears and reverse hydromechanical using friction clutches, separate, allowing to change the direction of movement without disengaging the transmission.
Mode switching is mechanical.

Axles with automatic cross-axle differential locks (No-Spin)

Balanced front axle - PMZ. with automatic cross-axle differential lock (No-Spin).

Rear axle - model PMZ. with automatic cross-axle differential lock (No-Spin).

Type of final drive - spiral-toothed bevel;

Final drive type - spur;


Based on hydraulic steering and priority valve

Fuel tank volume, l



Bel-26 29.5 / 75 R25 / Bel-32 29.5 / 75 R25


Color orange

Braking system

Air-hydraulic, disc brakes, 4 brake calipers on the axle

Air system

Air cleaner with centrifugal prefilter

Hydraulic equipment

P-160L priority valve


Hydraulic steering wheel E-1000R


Hydraulic pump from 50 cm3?

2 pcs. installed

Swing hydraulic cylinder 100 / 50x340

2 pcs. installed

Hydraulic distributor of MPO2 equipment

5-section installed

Electrical equipment

Voltage, V



2 12V 190 / h

Additional equipment

Rear view camera


Reverse horn


Rotating beacon




Work equipment

Hydroficated e equipment of MPO

- The base of the support is fixed with a jaw grip.
- Fixation of the support leg (pillar) is carried out with a jaw grip.
- Excluded axial movement of both the base of the support and the entire support as a whole.
- The hydraulic drive of the jaw gripper is equipped with a controlled check valve (hydraulic lock).
Carrying capacity 6,0 t.
- Installing the base of the support (support) on a hill or in depth, including when the tractor is located on a descent or ascent.
Possibility of installing power transmission line support with base:
When the tractor is horizontal in the range from -260 to +660
When lifting the tractor 10 in the range from -285 to +460
When lowering the tractor 10 in the range from -160 to +570
- Capturing the power transmission line support from the ground or from a stack in the range: -290 to +570 including when the tractor is located on a descent or ascent.
- Installation of power transmission line support in the base
- Transportation of the support with the base
- Separate transportation of base and support

Power transmission line support fixation device


Hydraulic dozer equipment on a sub-motor frame *

* - you can install any kind of bulldozer equipment

Control - hydraulic

Blade dimensions:

Width: 3 200 mm

Height: 1 100 mm

Max. lifting height 800 mm

Blade setting angle to grader position 26?

Skew angle + 11?

Development of