Double-sided universal wheeled bulldozer "STANISLAV-DKB2" hydraulic-powered universal bulldozer equipment on the sub-engine semi-frame and bulldozer equipment DM15 on the cargo semi-frame

Basic Tractor "STANISLAV" -704
Travel speed max, km / h 48.0 (semiautomatic gearbox)
Operating weight, no more, kg 18,000 2.5%
Dimensions of the tractor without attachments, no more, mm 7,000 x 2,530 x 3,500
Cab Cab with roll-over protection (ROPS) and falling objects (FOPS), heater, increased visibility, radio, air conditioning.
Rotary (reversible) control station The operator's seat, together with the steering column, rotates 180 degrees within a minute.
Bonnet One-piece design, gas cylinder opening, increased visibility.
Frames The front and rear frames are welded sheet structures without the use of a hinge tube, with the installation of the beam on the sub-motor bridge.
Motor (optional) WD10G / MMZ D-262.2S2 / CS11CB320
Rated motor power, kW (hp) 162 (220) / 184 (250) / 236 (320)
Engine cooling radiator 6-row 238
Gearbox Semi-automatic, reversible, dual-mode with a torque converter installed. Total number of gears: forward - 4, reverse - 4. Shifting gears and reverse hydromechanical with the help of friction clutches, separate, allowing you to change the direction of movement without disengaging the gear. Mode switching is mechanical. Single-stage torque converter
Axles with automatic blocking of interwheel differential "No-Spin" Sub-engine axle with balancer PMZ. - Y Cargo axle PMZ. - Y Automatic blocking of interwheel differential.
Steering Based on hydraulic steering and priority valve
Fuel tank volume, l. 400.0
Tires 23.1 R-26 or 23.5-25
Coloring yellow
Brake system Air-hydraulic, disc brakes (open type), 4 brake calipers on the axle.
Air System KLEAN AIR centrifugal prefilter air cleaner
Hydraulic equipment
P-160L priority valve Is being set
Hydraulic steering wheel -630 Is being set
Hydraulic distributor Is being set
Electrical equipment
Voltage, V 24
Batteries 2 x 12V x190A / h
1. Working equipment on a sub-engine p / frame
Hydraulic dozer equipment on an under-motor frame

Height - 1 100 mm.

Width - 2 700 - 3 200 mm.

Blade lift height - 700 mm.

The depth of lowering the blade into the bulldozer position is not less than 350 mm.

Blade skew angle - 12 .

Cutting angle - 55

Angle of installation in grader position 25
2. Working equipment on a cargo p / frame
High-speed blade

for cleaning roads DM-15 on a cargo semi-frame
Height - 1070mm.

Width - 3,900 mm.

Blade lifting height - 900 mm.

Blade lowering depth

in the bulldozer position not less than 430 mm.

Blade skew angle - 11 .

Installation angle in grader position + 45 -5
Additional tractor equipment
Installing wedge-shaped bulldozer equipment;

Air conditioner;

Prestarting liquid heater of the PZhD-30 engine;

Prestarting liquid engine heater WEBASTO;

Autonomous cabin heater WEBASTO Air Top 2000;

Heated fuel filter Separ;

Add. fuel tank 350 l .;
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