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PETERSBURG MACHINE BUILDING PLANT is a manufacturer of wheeled tractor equipment of 5-9 traction classes, as well as equipment for special purposes. Our products are advanced engineering technologies, embodied in reliable machines that allow you to solve all the tasks.

At present, PETERSBURG MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT continues serial production of STANISLAV tractors, new models of this series have been developed: STANISLAV -705, STANISLAV -706, STANISLAV -710. The design department is constantly working on the design and manufacture of modern units and parts installed on the STANISLAV tractors, as well as on the manufacture of various multifunctional agricultural and industrial machines on their basis. The new generation tractors have become the successors of all the positive qualities of the previous models, but at the same time, many units and parts have undergone modernization and replacement, which has increased productivity, expanded application possibilities and created comfortable working conditions.

Reliability and quality of products, development strategy, price-quality ratio, high maintainability of equipment and the possibility of its use in any climatic conditions allow PETERSBURG MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT to compete favorably with world manufacturers of tractor equipment, not to mention the market of domestic manufacturers.

The STANISLAV tractor and various machines made on its basis were developed by the design department. During the design, original technical solutions were applied, which are currently unique know-how that are not used anywhere else in the world. Modern imported components and assemblies (axles , torque converter, gearbox, hydraulic valves, cardan shafts, etc.), powerful - from 330 to 400 hp - engines produced by YaMZ were used.

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