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Tractors "STANISLAV" from the manufacturer

PETERSBURG MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT is a manufacturer wheeled tractor equipment of 5-9 traction classes "STANISLAV" and various special-purpose equipment. Reliability and quality products, development strategy, value for money, as well as high maintainability of equipment and the possibility of its use in almost any climatic conditions, allows "Petersburg Machine-Building Plant" to successfully compete with world manufacturers of tractor equipment, not to mention the market of domestic producers.


Our equipment participates in the preferential leasing program.

The high quality of the agricultural tractor "STANISLAV" is evident in all areas: productivity, operator comfort, uptime, cost operation and equipment, corresponding to the specific needs of the farm. This versatile tractor is designed for agricultural work with large load. Equipped with high-performance systems, it perfectly copes with soil cultivation, well aggregates with various crops complexes.

In addition, our plant manufactures reliable and easy-to-use attachments for tractors:

  • classic dozer blade (BKU);
  • Aurora wedge blade;
  • high-speed blade for cleaning roads DM-15;
  • Landmaster Variable Geometry Dozer;
  • pivoting lightweight high-speed blade;
  • rotary milling equipment;
  • transportation equipment;
  • TSU or SSU;
  • loading equipment;
  • equipment UDM2;
  • DKB equipment.

High-quality domestic special equipment, time-tested in the harsh climatic conditions of Russia.

The machines and equipment presented in the catalog have a long service interval. They can easily withstand sudden temperature loads and long non-stop operation. Repair and maintenance costs are minimal.

For the purchase of tractor equipment, contact the sales department by phone +7 (812) 240-24-04

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