New models of bulldozer equipment

PETERSBURG MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT LLC modernized and started the production of bulldozer snow cleaning equipment, ensuring the rise of the snow mass before discarding, for due to the use of an inclined chute of the moldboard sheet, which facilitates and speeds up the clearance of the territory. Developed designs bulldozer equipment can be installed both from the front, and behind the tractor.

Wedge-shaped bulldozer equipment is currently being manufactured with trough angles from 7 to 15 degrees, with blade width from 3200 mm to 3700 mm.

For wedge-shaped dozer equipment with a blade width of 3700 mm developed a model of a dozer blade with flaps, with an installed hydraulic drive for changing the position of the flaps. Machine width in transport position (flaps folded) is 3150mm, which provides transportation of the machine without dismantling the bulldozer equipment on the railway platform and trawl. Modification data bulldozer equipment are designed for punching roads in snow virgin lands, and are widely used in the construction and maintenance of winter roads. Dozer blade wedge designs for lifting snow masses and their throwing at a higher height, facilitates clearing territories and increases the speed of work, as a result increases labor productivity, costs for road maintenance and maintenance are reduced.

A deep modernization of the bulldozer equipment was also made for construction and maintenance of roads model DM-15. Blade design change, ensures the lifting of snow masses and throwing at a higher height than this was, which facilitates the clearing of territories and increases the speed of work, as as a result, labor productivity increases, maintenance costs decrease and road maintenance. After modernization, this snow blower bulldozer the equipment was marked SP-45.

The designs of the above dumps are box-section and are manufactured made of alloy steel, with a front plate thickness of 10 to 12 mm, which provides their great rigidity and ability to withstand very heavy loads and allows use them, in addition to clearing areas from snow, when working with heavy soils.

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