Tractor "STANISLAV" complete set "COMBI". Universal tractor "STANISLAV" in the complete set "COMBI" is a multifunctional machine that performs the functions of an energy-intensive agricultural tractor and frontal bucket loader. The tractor is completed with:

  • Powerful, economical YMZ engines - 330 HP, 400 HP;
  • Manual transmission with gear shifting within the ranges without interrupting the power flow. In the new manual transmission, the service life of the friction discs is significantly increased due to the introduction of improvements in the gearbox hydraulic system, the absence of a forced drain pedal.
  • Modern axles: a sub-motor axle with a balancer with an automatic blocking of an interwheel differential, a cargo axle - rigid mount with an automatic blocking of an interwheel differential

A loading equipment (bucket) with a volume of 3 m3 is installed on the STANISLAV tractor in the COMBI configuration? and with a lifting capacity of 6 tons. Control in the tractor cab is turned towards the loading equipment. On a sub-motor frame for aggregation with various mounted and trailed agricultural implements a three-point hitch is installed. In addition, the tractor is equipped with a four-section hydraulic valve, one section of which is connected to the hydraulic cylinders of a three-point agricultural hitch and 3 sections are free for connections to hydraulic circuits of trailed and mounted agricultural implements. In the hydraulic system an additional suction filter is installed, which ensures reliable trouble-free operation of the units and system parts. For transportation of trailers, an additional pneumatic channel for connecting the trailer brakes is installed and an electrical outlet for connecting the electrical equipment of the trailer.

The plant guarantees prompt delivery of the required amount of tractor machinery and equipment. All tractors are covered by an official warranty.

General specifications
Name "STANISLAV" -704
Travel speed max, km / h 34
Structural weight of the tractor module, without ballasts and attachments, no more, kg 12,000
Dimensions of the tractor without attachments, no more, mm 7,000 x 2,950 x 3,500
Cab Cab with Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) and Falling Objects (FOPS), heater, increased visibility, car radio.
Bonnet One-piece construction, opens with gas cylinders.
Frame Articulated, the rotation of the tractor is ensured by folding the semi-frames relative to the vertical axis by hydraulic steering cylinders. Lateral misalignment is ensured by installing a balanced sub-motor bridge. The sub-engine and cargo semi-frames are reinforced-strength welded sheet structures.
Installable motors YMZ-238M2 / YMZ-238D / YMZ-7511
Rated motor power, kW (hp) 176 (240) / 243 (330) / 294 (400)
Engine cooling radiator 6-row 238
Gearbox Mechanical 4-mode (3 modes forward, 1 mode reverse), with constant mesh gears and hydraulic gear shifting without interrupting the power flow within each mode. Total number of gears: forward-12, reverse-4. For agricultural purposes.
Axles with automatic cross-axle differential locks (No-Spin) Balanced sub-engine axle PMZ. Cargo bridge PMZ.
Steering Based on hydraulic steering and priority valve
Fuel tank volume, l 700.0
Tires 28.1 R 26
Coloring Color yellow (or corporate)
Brake system Air-hydraulic, disc brakes.
Air System Air cleaner with KLEAN AIR centrifugal prefilter.
Hydraulic equipment
P-160L priority valve set
Hydraulic steering wheel E-1000R set
Hydraulic pump NSh-50 set
Electrical equipment
Voltage, V 24
Batteries 2 x 12V x190A / h
Hydraulic three-point linkage installed
Drawbar installed
Hydraulic outlets for connecting mounted and trailed agricultural implements installed
Working equipment on the cargo frame to choose from:
Loading equipment on a cargo frame - bucket volume - 3m ?. - carrying capacity - 6000 kg. - width - 3100 mm. - unloading height - 3400 mm.
Additional tractor equipment
* Air conditioner; * Traction hitch (hitch); * PTO; * Autonomous cab heater Webasto AT 2000; * PZhD-30 engine pre-heater; * Heated fuel filter Separ; * Axial piston pump for working with seeding complexes; * Ballasts for cargo and sub-engine frames.
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