PETERSBURG MACHINE BUILDING PLANT LLC is a manufacturer wheeled tractor equipment of 5-9 traction classes. Modern, energy-rich agricultural tractor "Stanislav" "UNIVERSAL" is distinguished by high performance, efficiency, reliability, perfect design, comfort and serviceability. "STANISLAV" "UNIVERSAL" perfectly aggregates with various wide-cut complex tillage and seeding implements and machines.

The tractor has an improved frame structure with a balancer, located on a sub-motor bridge. By increasing the strength of the frame, on the tractor "Stanislav" "UNIVERSAL" it is possible to install an engine with a capacity up to 600 horsepower. Among other advantages of the STANISLAV tractor "UNIVERSAL":

  • imported axles with increased efficiency and a cross-axle differential lock function;
  • the use of a modern, specially designed manual transmission with hydromechanical gear shifting without interrupting the power flow for agricultural purposes;
  • as an option, it is possible to connect an additional hydrostatic transmission, which provides a smooth start-up and allows the tractor to move when working at a speed in the range from 0 km / h to 4.6 km / h;
  • updated cab design with roll cage and increased viewing angles;
  • improved components of the hydraulic system with a large resource and reliability;
  • a large selection of internal combustion engines with a capacity of 240 to 400 horsepower;
  • advanced gimbal.

The plant guarantees prompt delivery of the required amount of tractor machinery and equipment. All tractors are covered by an official warranty.

General specifications
Name "STANISLAV" -704
Travel speed max, km / h 34
Structural weight of the tractor module, without ballasts and attachments, no more, kg 12,000
Dimensions of the tractor without attachments, no more, mm 7,000 x 2,950 x 3,500
Cabin Cab with a protective structure (safety cage) that protects the operator from rollover of the machine (ROPS) and from falling objects (FOPS), heater, increased visibility, car radio.
Hood One-piece design, opens with gas cylinders.
Frame Articulated, the rotation of the tractor is ensured by folding the semi-frames relative to the vertical axis by hydraulic rotation cylinders. Lateral misalignment is ensured by installing a balanced sub-motor bridge. The sub-engine and cargo semi-frames are reinforced-strength welded sheet structures.
Installed motors YaMZ-238M2 / YaMZ-238D / YaMZ-7511
Rated engine power, kW (h.p.) 176 (240) / 243 (330) / 294 (400)
Engine cooling radiator 6-row 238th model
Gear box Mechanical 4-mode (3 forward modes, 1 reverse mode), with constant mesh gears and hydraulic gear shifting without interrupting the power flow within each mode. Total number of gears: forward-12, reverse-4. For agricultural purposes.
Axles with automatic cross-axle differential locks (No-Spin) Sub-engine axle with balance beam PMZ. Cargo axle PMZ.
Steering Based on hydraulic steering and priority valve
Fuel tank volume, l 520.0
Tires 28.1 R 26
Coloration Color yellow (or corporate)
Brake system Pneumohydraulic, disc brakes.
Air system Air cleaner with centrifugal pre-filter KLEAN AIR.
Hydraulic equipment
Priority valve -160L set
Hydrowheel E-1000R set
Hydraulic pump NSh-50 set
Electrical Equipment
Voltage, V 24
Rechargeable batteries 2 12V 190 / h
Hydraulic three-point linkage installed
Trailing bracket installed
Hydraulic outlets for connecting mounted and trailed agricultural implements installed
Working equipment on the cargo frame to choose from:
Loading equipment on a cargo semi-frame - bucket volume - 3m? - carrying capacity - 6000 kg. - width - 3100 mm. - unloading height - 3400 mm.
Attachments on a sub-motor frame to choose from:
Universal hydraulic dozer equipment - width - 3200 mm. - height - 1100 mm. - lifting height - 800 mm. - angle of installation in grader position 25 - angle of skew 11
Hydraulic bulldozer equipment for road construction and maintenance, model DM-15 - width - 4200 mm. - height - 1070 mm. - lifting height - 800 mm. - the depth of lowering the blade into the bulldozer position, not less than 250 mm. - angle of installation in grader position 25 - angle of skew 45 ... -5
Hydraulic wedge-shaped bulldozer equipment "Aurora" - width - 3150 mm. - height - 1100 mm. - lifting height - 700 mm. - blade lowering depth - 250 mm.
Multifunctional dozer equipment with variable geometry Landmaster - width - 3450 mm. - height - 1100 mm. - blade lifting height - 800 mm. - the depth of lowering the blade to the bulldozer position - 450 mm. - angle of installation in grader position 30 - angle of installation in wedge-shaped position 30 - angle of installation in dovetail position 30 - skew angle 11
Additional equipment of the tractor
* Air conditioning; * Traction hitch (hitch); * PTO; * Autonomous cab heater Webasto AT 2000; * PZhD-30 engine pre-heater; * Heated fuel filter Separ; * Axial piston pump for working with seeding complexes; * Ballasts for cargo and sub-engine half-frames.
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