Pneumatic sowing complex "HLEBOROB"


Pneumatic seeding complex "HLEBOROB" cultivator type designed for resource-saving cultivation technology grain crops. The use of seeding complexes "HLEBOROB" allows to reduce the cost of grain production.

When designing the seeding complex "HLEBOROB, an analysis was carried out work of existing complexes, deficiencies were identified, wishes were taken into account agricultural producers, consultations were held with agronomists, which allowed to create a unique design of the seeding complex.

The main advantages of the seeding complex HLEBOROB that distinguish it from analogues are:

  • Decrease the distance between the front support and rear press wheels for better soil tracking and even seed placement.
  • Installing spring harrows after the press wheels, along with combing out weeds and loosening, provides soil leveling, which contributes to additional moisture retention in the soil.
  • The use of balancers in the design of the press wheels ensures uniform consolidation.

In one pass, the seeding complex performs a complete cutting of soil or stubble, main and pre-sowing treatment, mechanically destroys weeds, prepares the ideal seedbed, sows the seeds and applies fertilizers in a strip of 12-15 cm. with a row spacing of 27 cm, closes the sowing strip with a mulch layer, rolls the sowing strip and harrows crops, combing weeds. In the design of the complex, the optimal row spacing for better seed distribution. Row spacing remain unrolled, which improves air exchange, reduces evaporation moisture, prevents the development of weeds and the formation of soil crust. Rolling down the sowing strip ensures excellent seed-to-soil contact and creates good conditions for germination. All these factors provide increase in yield by 20-25%.

General specifications
Parameter Value
Capture width, not less, m 8.7 9.8 10.8 11.9
Row spacing, cm 27 27 27 27
Number of coulters, pcs. 32 36 40 44
Productivity, not less, hectare / h 9 10 11 12
Sowing speed, km / h 8-12 8-12 8-12 8 -12
Hopper capacity, m3 (grain / fertilizer) 11 (7.4 / 3.6) 11 (7.4 / 3.6) 11 (7.4 / 3.6) 11 (7.4 / 3.6)
Hopper capacity, m3 (grain / fertilizer) 11 (7.4 / 3.6) 11 (7.4 / 3.6) 11 (7.4 / 3.6) 11 (7.4 / 3.6)
Overall dimensions with hopper, m:
- length 13.5 13.5 13.5 13.5
- width 8.75 9.8 10.8 11.9
- height 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8
Transport speed, km / h 30 30 30 30
Recommended tractor power, hp from 230 from 280 from 330 from 400


  • Sowing on a shallow field (minimum technology).
  • Direct sowing on untreated stubble (direct sowing technology).
  • Sowing in a plowed field without preliminary cultivation (combined sowing technology).
  • Sowing winter crops in one pass without preliminary stubble cultivation.
  • Continuous stubble cultivation up to a depth of 12 cm (minimum basic tillage technology).
  • Continuous tillage, cultivation of the soil.


The main components of the seeding unit: frame, seed hopper and fertilizers with a metering coil and a fan of the pneumatic system, frame, front support wheels, lancet coulters, balancing follower with wheels, spring harrow, pneumatic seeding system for seeds and fertilizers, loading auger, seeding control system.


The arrow-shaped coulters work the soil and form the seedbed. Depth adjustment is made by changing the height of the front support wheels and rearrangement of adjusting clips on the rear lifting hydraulic cylinders. Seeds and fertilizers from the hopper go to the metering coil, and then into the pneumatic line. The seed flow is regulated by adjusting screws. Under the influence of the air flow from the fan, the seed is fed into the distributor and then individually hoses to the coulters. After sowing, the rollers roll the strip sowing. the spring harrow covers the sowing strip with a mulch layer. The balancing suspension of the rolling support device provides copying the most difficult terrain of the field. For loading seeds and fertilizers the auger loader of the seeding complex is used. Folding and transfer to the transport position is made by hydraulic cylinders of the complex from hydraulic system of the tractor. Pneumatic fan rotation seeding complex is provided in two ways: internal combustion Hydraulic motor from tractor hydraulic system.

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