Bulldozer STANISLAV-704-04-BKU (reinforced)


The group of companies "PETERSBURG MACHINE BUILDING PLANT" has developed, manufactured and supplied a multifunctional self-propelled unit for winding and transportation of cable, rope, cable (cable carrier) with bulldozer equipment in front of the sub-engine half-frame and towing hitch with height adjustment hook on the back of the cargo frame.

These machines are used in quarries and provide winding, delivery and unwinding of cables when installing temporary power lines, as well as winding, delivery and unwinding of cables, including for their installation on mining excavators. Bulldozer equipment installed on sub-engine semi-frame, allows you to use this machine as quarry bulldozer, mounted and height adjustable towing the device allows you to use this machine as a tractor for transportation of trailers, towing of faulty equipment, movement of goods.

The versatility of the machine allows you to significantly increase the useful the time of its use and to minimize the time of technological downtime.

Multifunctional self-propelled unit for winding and transporting cables, rope, cable (cable carrier), became a logical addition to the career equipment produced by enterprises belonging to the group of companies "PETERSBURG MACHINE BUILDING PLANT" specialized equipment designed for work in quarries and mining and processing plants, such as wheel bulldozers-support carriers of power lines of various modifications, including those with a low upper clearance for transporting supports, wheel bulldozers-aggregates for replacing bucket teeth EKG excavators, wheeled bulldozers with wheeled equipment, wheeled quarry bulldozers.




Travel speed max, km / h


Structural mass, no more, kg

20,000 - 23,000

Tractor dimensions, no more, mm

8,500 x 4,000 x 3,500


A cab with panoramic (spherical) glazing, with a built-in roll cage that protects the operator from rollover (ROPS) and from falling objects (FOPS), GOST R ISO 3449-2009, with thermal vibration and noise insulation, with a sprung seat for the driver of superior comfort, seat belt, heater.

Heater, increased visibility, car radio.


One-piece metal construction, opens with gas cylinders.


Articulated without a horizontal hinge tube with the installation of ball bearings in the lugs of the connection to the semi-frames, ensuring the tractor rotation by folding the semi-frames about the vertical axis. Lateral misalignment is ensured by installing a balanced sub-motor bridge. The sub-engine and cargo semi-frames are reinforced-strength welded sheet structures.


YAMZ-238M2 / YAMZ-238D

Rated motor power, kW (hp)

176 (240) / 243 (330)

Engine cooling radiator

6 row 238


Semi-automatic, reversible, dual-mode with an installed torque converter. Total number of gears: forward - 4, backward - 4.

Shifting gears and reverse hydromechanical with the help of friction clutches, separate, allowing you to change the direction of movement without disengaging the gear.

Mechanical switching.

A single-stage torque converter with installed on it: a transmission pump with a volume of 40 cm ?, a steering pump with a volume of 63 cm ?, a dozer control pump with a volume of 50 cm ?.

Drive axles with automatic blocking of interwheel differential (No-Spin)

Front with balancer
model PMZ.
Rear model PMZ.

Fuel tank volume, l



29.5 / 75 R25


Orange color (or corporate)

Braking system

Air-hydraulic, disc brakes (open type), 4 brake calipers on the axle.
Parking brake - mechanical.

Air system

Air cleaner with ejection system

Hydraulic system

P-160L priority valve


Hydraulic steering wheel E-1000R


Electrical equipment

Voltage, V



2 12V 190 / h

Interior heater


12 V car radio


220V coolant preheater


LED lighting kit


Yellow LED Flashing Light


Working equipment on the cargo frame

Bulldozer equipment BKU

Control - hydraulic from the cab.
Sheet thickness 14-16 mm., Blade with a reinforced trapezoidal pushing frame, without the function of tilting the blade and setting in the grader position. knives - wear-resistant steel HARDOX
Blade dimensions:
Height - 1300 mm.
Width - 3800-4000 mm.
Max. lifting height: 800 mm
Cutting angle range 13-26

Optional equipment

Towbar (hitch) on the sub-engine half frame


Additional options:

Air conditioner;
Prestarting liquid heater of the PZhD-30 engine;
Prestarting liquid heater of the WEBASTO engine;
Autonomous cabin heater WEBASTO Air Top 2000;
Heated fuel filter Separ;
Career tires Bel-32 with dimension 29.5 / 75 R25. The rims are dismountable.
High pressure hoses and hoses in Nordic version;

Development of