Bulldozer-skidder for skidding cut down trees model "STANISLAV" -704-04-BKU


PETERSBURG MACHINE BUILDING PLANT LLC is a manufacturer wheeled tractor equipment of 5-9 traction classes. Modern, the energy-rich tractor-bulldozer "STANISLAV" -704-04-BKU features high performance, economy, reliability, perfect design, comfort and serviceability. Bulldozer "STANISLAV" -704-04-BKU completed with additional mounted forestry equipment with jaw gripper (skidder for skidding cut down trees).

The tractor bulldozer has an improved frame structure with a balancer, located on a sub-motor bridge. By increasing the strength of the frame, on a tractor-bulldozer with additional mounted forestry equipment with a jaw grip (skidder for skidding cut trees) possible installation of an engine with a capacity of up to 600 horsepower. Among others advantages of "STANISLAV" -704-04-BKU:

  • imported axles with increased efficiency and a cross-axle differential lock function;
  • the use of a modern, specially designed manual transmission with hydromechanical gear shifting without interrupting the power flow for agricultural purposes;
  • as an option, it is possible to connect an additional hydrostatic transmission, which provides a smooth start-up and allows the tractor to move when working at a speed in the range from 0 km / h to 4.6 km / h;
  • updated cab design with roll cage and increased viewing angles;
  • improved components of the hydraulic system with a large resource and reliability;
  • a large selection of internal combustion engines with a capacity of 240 to 400 horsepower;
  • advanced gimbal.

The plant guarantees prompt delivery of the required amount of tractor machinery and equipment. All tractors are subject to the official guarantee.

General specifications



Travel speed max, km / h

34 (hydromechanical gearbox)
45 (semi-automatic gearbox with GTR)

Structural weight, no more, kg


Tractor dimensions, not less, mm

7 600 x 2 930 x 3 670
7 600 x 2 530 x 3 670 (dimension)

Wheelbase, mm

3 450


Panoramic glass cab with roll-over protection (ROPS) and falling objects (FOPS), heater, increased visibility , car radio.


One-piece metal construction, opens with gas cylinders.


Articulated without a horizontal joint tube with the installation of ball bearings in the eyes of the connection to the half-frames, which ensures the rotation of the tractor by folding the half-frames about the vertical axis. Lateral misalignment is ensured by installing a balanced sub-motor bridge. The sub-engine and cargo semi-frames are reinforced-strength welded sheet structures.

Folding angle to half frames

36 degrees

Engine (optional)

YMZ-536 / Cummins 6,7ISBe-285 / MMZ D-260.4 / MMZ D-262.2S2

Rated motor power, kW (hp)

176 (240) / 206 (280) / 154.4 (210) / 180 (250)

Engine cooling radiator

6 row 238

Gearbox (optional)
  • Semi-automatic, reversible, dual-mode with an installed torque converter. Total number of gears: forward - 4, reverse - 4. Shifting gears and reverse hydromechanical using friction clutches, separate, allowing to change the direction of movement without switching off the transmission. Mode switching is mechanical.
  • Semi-automatic, reversible, with an installed two-stage torque converter, with automatic switching of two speeds depending on the load and with two forward gears shifting by hydraulic friction clutches and reverse gear by hydraulic friction clutches Number of gears switched manually: forward - 2, reverse - 1, total number of gears forward 4, reverse - 2.
  • Mechanical 4-mode (3 forward modes, 1 reverse mode), with constant mesh gears and hydraulic gear shifting without interrupting the power flow within each mode. (Total number of gears: forward - 12, reverse - 4).
Axles with automatic cross-axle differential locks (No-Spin)

Front with balancer

model PMZ.

Rear PMZ.


Based on hydraulic steering and priority valve

Fuel tank volume, l


Tires (optional)

28.1 R 26 / 23.1 R 26 / 29.5 / 75 R 25 / wide-profile


Orange color (or corporate)

Braking system

Air-hydraulic, disc brakes (open type), 4 brake calipers on the axle.

Air System

Cyclone air cleaner with ejection system

Forestry cab and lighting protection


Hydraulic equipment
Priority valve -160L


Hydraulic steering wheel E-1000R


Hydraulic pump NSh-50


Electrical equipment

Voltage, V



2 12V 190 / h

Bulldozer equipment (optional)
Fixed bulldozer equipment on a sub-motor frame

Blade dimensions:
Width: 2550-3 100 mm
Height: 1 100 mm
Max. lifting height 1090 mm
Depth 450 mm

Fixed bulldozer equipment on a sub-motor frame with hydraulic change of the cutting angle

Blade dimensions:
Width: 2550-3 100 mm
Height: 1 100 mm
Max. lifting height 1090 mm
Depth 450 mm

Universal, hydraulically rotated bulldozer equipment on an under-motor frame

Hydraulic control
Blade dimensions:
Width: 3 200 mm
Height: 1 100 mm
Max. lifting height 800 mm
Blade installation angle in grader position 26?
Skew angle + 11?

High-speed dozer blade for cleaning roads DM-15 on a sub-engine half frame

Hydraulic control
- height - 1070mm.
- width - 4 200 mm.
- blade lifting height - 1000 mm.
- the depth of lowering the blade into the bulldozer position is not less than 350 mm.
- blade skew angle - 11 .
- angle of installation in grader position + 45 ... -5

Wedge-shaped dump "Aurora" on a sub-engine half-frame

Hydraulic control
- height - 1100mm.
- width - 3150 mm.
- blade lifting height - 700 mm.
- blade lowering depth - 350mm.

Multifunctional hydraulic dozer equipment Landmaster with variable blade geometry on a sub-frame

Control - hydraulic
Blade dimensions:
Width: 3 400 mm.
Height: 1200 mm
Max. lifting height 800 mm
Blade installation angle in grader position 26?
Skew angle + 11?

Skidding equipment

Grip opening - 3000 mm
Carrying capacity - 5 tons.

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