Double-sided wheeled bulldozer "STANISLAV-DKB1" with a hydroficated wedge-shaped blade on the sub-engine half-frame and bulldozer equipment DM15 on a cargo semi-frame

Basic Tractor "STANISLAV" -704
Travel speed max, km / h 48.0 (checkpoint semiautomatic device)
Operating weight, no more, kg 20,000 2.5%
tractor dimensions, mm 9500 x3 200 x 3500
Tractor base, mm 3 480 10
Cab Cab with a protective structure (safety cage) protecting the operator from rollover of the machine (ROPS) and from falling objects (FOPS), heater, increased visibility, car radio, air conditioning.
Rotary (reversible) control station The operator's seat with the steering column rotates 180 degrees within a minute.
Bonnet One-piece construction, opens with gas cylinders, increased visibility.
Frames Articulated, the rotation of the tractor is ensured by folding the semi-frames relative to the vertical axis by hydraulic swing cylinders. Lateral misalignment is ensured by installing a balanced sub-motor bridge. The sub-engine and cargo semi-frames are reinforced-strength welded sheet structures.
Motor (optional) YMZ-238M2 / YMZ-238D / YMZ-7511
Rated motor power, kW (hp) 176 (240) / 243 (330) / 294 (400)
Engine cooling radiator 6 row 238 model
Gearbox Semi-automatic, reversible, dual-mode with a torque converter installed. Total number of gears: forward - 4, reverse - 4. Shifting gears and reverse hydromechanical with the help of friction clutches, separate, allowing you to change the direction of movement without disengaging the gear. Mode switching is mechanical. Single-stage torque converter
Axles with automatic blocking of interwheel differential "No-Spin" Sub-motor axle with balancer PMZ. Cargo axle PMZ. Automatic blocking of interwheel differential.
Steering Based on hydraulic steering and priority valve
Fuel tank volume, l. 500.0
Tires 28,1R26
Coloring yellow
Brake system Air-hydraulic, disc brakes (open type), 4 brake calipers on the axle.
Air System Air cleaner with centrifugal prefilter KLEAN AIR
Hydraulic equipment
P-160L priority valve Is being set
Hydraulic steering wheel E-1000R Is being set
Hydraulic distributor Is being set
Electrical equipment
Voltage, V 24
Batteries 2 x 12V x190A / h
1. Working equipment on a sub-engine p / frame
Hydraulic wedge-shaped blade on the sub-frame Height - 1100 mm.

Width - 3150 mm.

Blade lift height - 700 mm.

Blade lowering depth - 250mm.
2. Working equipment on a cargo p / frame
High-speed blade for cleaning roads DM-15 on a cargo semi-frame Height - 1070mm. Width - 4 200 mm.

Blade lifting height - 900 mm.

Blade lowering depth

in the bulldozer position not less than 430 mm.

Blade skew angle - 11 .

Installation angle in grader position + 45 -5
Additional tractor equipment
Installation of universal dozer equipment;

Air conditioner;

Prestarting liquid heater of the PZhD-30 engine;

Prestarting liquid engine heater WEBASTO;

Autonomous cabin heater WEBASTO Air Top 2000;

Heated fuel filter Separ;

Add. fuel tank 350 l .;

Tires Bel-26, dimension 29.5 / 75 R25. Rims - dismountable;

Career tires with dimension 23.5 R25. Rims are collapsible.
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